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What Our Clients Say

Our previous and long-standing clients have told us they value our services because they can trust that all work is carried out efficiently and professionally whilst providing open and accessible solutions. This allows them full peace of mind in Working-Health services to know that everybody concerned will be treated with respect and compassion and high standards will be maintained at all times.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what our clients say about us.

Kathy Roberts from Working Health has worked with Signify for many years. She provides an excellent service and we get many compliments from employees on the support that she provides. We have proven cases where she has helped get our employees back to fitness faster than they would have had they not had the opportunity to seek her support. Kathy is forward thinking and collaborative in her approach to Signify as a company.”

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Gill Barringer
HR Services, Signify

Kathy has worked at Philips for 10 years now and has provided an excellent service. The service started as purely physio work and now includes workplace assessments for those in our office, and remote employees as well. As Philips has become a Health & Wellbeing led company we are ensuring that we embed that message in the Health and Wellbeing activities that we run with employees and Kathy provides services in this area, including our very successful stretch at your desk days. I have also used the service for physio on a personal level and have been extremely impressed.”

Jonathan Coles
HR Director, Philips UK

Kathy clearly enjoys her job and it shows."
"Thank you for an excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed."
"Thoroughly enjoyed as well as learning a lot. Exceeded expectations, thank you very much."
"Great course, great tutor, thank you."
"Kathy conducted herself beautifully, both professional and friendly. Absolutely great."
"Absolutely brilliant and Kathy was a star!!!"
"Very good and thorough. Surprisingly enjoyable course, thank you."

Post Graduate Training Course on Office Ergonomics
undertaken on behalf of ACPOHE

Katherine has the provided our team of hot-deskers (and now home workers) with the knowledge they need to create and maintain a better working environment for their health and wellbeing. Katherine’s guidance has been well received and even the littlest of tweaks have made a difference. It’s great that we have Katherine to support us, she consistently provides a high level of service on every visit and has offered practical advice whilst making our staff feel at ease.”

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Kerry Major
People Operations Executive, Cello Health Consulting

We have been working with Katherine at Working Health Consulting for many years and the service she has provided is fantastic. Katherine is a very experienced Occupational Health practitioner and has a wealth of knowledge relating to musculoskeletal problems and mental health. Katherine is incredibly helpful and happy to discuss and advise when needed and provides highly informative reports following her assessments. We thoroughly enjoy working with Katherine.”

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Anna Sanders
HR Business Partner, The University of Law

Kathy has worked with Philips UK & Ireland for over 10 years and is an essential part of our organisation. Her expertise and trusting approach means that our employees can promptly access effective support for any musculoskeletal issues that arise from the work environment. Kathy has a wealth of knowledge in the area of Occupational Health & is able to offer credible advice on many aspects of health & wellbeing, meaning that programs within Philips are supported by evidence and best practice. As a company we highly value her intervention for both prevention and treatment of workplace injury. Our employees continually feedback that she is able to positively impact how they feel physically, but she also encourages and motivates employees so that they feel empowered to help themselves through exercise programs & lifestyle advice.”

Karla Wellington
Health and Well-Being Manager, UK, Philips UK & Ireland

Kathy is practical, supportive, and resourceful, and I feel very privileged to have found her. I have cerebral palsy and she has supported me regarding ergonomic assessments of my workplace and overall fitness and function. Her assessment and understanding of my own needs and ability to translate that into practical solutions has helped me with my independence and quality of life tremendously.”

Rebecca Keat

Kathy is a very professional ergonomist and physiotherapist who has helped me understand and quantify some of our workplace challenges and has provided some creative solutions. She has excellent communication skills that make others listen easily and respect what she has to say. She has a lot of knowledge and is will to listen to others and explore workable solutions.”

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Margaret Mercer
Occupational Health Manager, BOC Linde Group, UK