Training for The Thames Path Challenge

by Nicola on September 27, 2012

walking boots

Got to wear these boots again!

Having walked The West Highland Way in May I decided I needed another ‘event’ to encourage me to keep up the exercising and weight loss, so I, along with one of my sisters-in-law, signed up to walk the 50km Thames Path Challenge in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support – a charity close to both our hearts. We could have signed up for the 100km 24 hour challenge but at this stage we decided an extra 50km in one day is a couple of steps, and then some, too far!

So on Saturday 29th September we’re walking from Putney to Runnymede alongside The Thames – 50km or 30 miles – in a target time of 12 hours. We’ve both walked the Sarsen Trail marathon before, but we’ve never walked quite this far. It’s obviously a fairly level walk, so I would expect that we should finish it within 10 hours, depending on how congested the start is and how much faffing we do along the way. Faffing is, of course, obligatory!

I’ve been doing 3-5 mile local road walks up to three times a week and then a longer walk almost every weekend. It’s very hilly where I live so this is better than it sounds. A couple of weeks ago I walked The Bissoe Trail (also known as The Mineral Tramway), Cornwall’s Coast to Coast route. It is just over 11 miles end to end and is basically a very flat cycle route so I parked at the South end (Devoran) and then walked to the North end (Portreath) where I had lunch, before walking back to Devoran. A total of 23 miles on similar terrain to The Thames Path. It was a beautiful day but incredibly boring to walk it on my own.

I’m also still going to a weekly Pilates class and then walking home afterwards and I recently held a Cakes for Cash fundraiser, saving me eating all of the baking I’d done that week and raising money for the sponsorship at the same time! I’ve just gone past the “lost 2 stone” mark and have just 8lb to lose to get to my ideal weight.

If you’d like to sponsor me and my sister-in-law, AKA Team RTFM, you can do by clicking on this link. The page will be open for a few weeks after the event. Many thanks if you do! Click here to get the iherb coupon code for free.

Photo: Nicola Bathe.

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