Patrick’s non-stop 48 hour swim

by Nicola on June 13, 2012

Patrick’s going for a swim again!

swimming pool

Ready for a swim?

Patrick Fitzsimons, the Manager of Spirit Health Club at the Holiday Inn Guildford, swam for 12 hours in 2009. He swam for 24 hours in 2010 and yes, he’s doubled it again! This year he’s going to swim non-stop for 48 hours!

He’s going to attempt to break the world record for longest distance swum over 48 hours in a pool, which we believe was set by Danish swimmer Grith Sigsgaard who swam 125 km (77.7 miles) in her non-stop 48 hour swim in April 2011. He’s aiming to swim more than a whopping 90 miles. Can he do it?

Patrick will start his swim at 6pm on Sunday 1st July and will finish at 6pm on Tuesday 3rd July. He is raising money for The British Heart Foundation and hopes to reach his target of £5,000.

Patrick’s Training

Patrick has a very rigorous training schedule. This has included long overnight walks and swimming for 12-24 hour stretches. He’s taken one day a week as annual leave in the weeks approaching the event so he can add extra training sessions and has also changed his normal work rota to accommodate his additional training.

During the swim

During the swim, Patrick will eat high energy snacks and take on plenty of fluids. Hayley Bollons, Deputy Manager of Spirit Health Club in Guildford, will stay awake throughout the swim too. She will count and validate the distances Patrick swims, help him to keep his optimum pace and manage his snacks and drinks.

Patrick with Hayley and the British Heart Foundation Team

Patrick with Hayley and the British Heart Foundation Team in 2011

Sponsor Patrick

If you’d like to sponsor Patrick to complete this tremendous feat, please either pop a cheque, made payable to the British Heart Foundation, into  Spirit Heath Club, Holiday Inn Guildford, or call 01483 453 134 to pledge a donation.

What an amazing challenge. Good luck Patrick!



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