Are you a Sloucher or a Percher?

by Katherine on July 15, 2010

How do you sit when working at your desk?   Do you have ideal posture?   Or, do you collapse into a slouched posture or sit perched on the edge of your seat, too engrossed in your work to consider sitting well?  I see these postures commonly during my work and both result in a lack of support to the spine and will likely result in fatigue, aches and pains, reduced blood flow around the body and even breathing difficulties.

But why is it we do this?

Some people, despite having a suitable all bells and whistles chair,  still fail to sit well.  Research has shown gender differences to the way we sit, with men commonly slouching more and women sitting on the edge of their chairs and not using the back rest at all.   Research too shows that women feel they need to increase the tone in their bodies and sit overly upright to help motivate them and allow them to multitask!  Does this ring true?

How do you sit?  Why do you sit like this?   I am very interested in why people sit the way they do and I would really appreciate any comments you have on this topic.